Multi Gigabit Uplinks

We only acquire IP transit services from the finest providers in the world. This ensures enterprise class services for our clients!

Quality Hardware

We have done years of research to aqcuire hardware with the best price/performance ratio. We offer the best prices in the industry.

Great Support

Either through live chat, our ticketing system, or e-mail, we are always available to fix our client's issues, or sales requests.

24 x 7 Monitoring

We have staff in multiple timezones around the world to ensure our clients that everything is operating properly.

Our grand attributes

What makes AlphaNine grand?

AlphaNine is not just another run of the mill hosting company. We own and operate our servers and infrastructure. Our switches and servers are meticulously selected. We have multiple gigabit uplinks at each of our locations. Lastly, our pricing is great, just look at our pricing section below.

On Target

Our services are delivered instantly

Generator Backup

24x7 power monitoring

High Bitrates

Utilize gigabit connectivity

Quality Hardware

Enterprise class hardware

Equipment Cooling

Equiped with efficient equipment

Efficient Support

Multiple methods of contact

4 reasons

why you should choose us

The self management panel has powerful features. You can reboot, or shutdown your VPS, change your hostname, or change your root password. You can even reinstall the operating system on your VPS, and select from the various Linux distributions.
With our VPS services there are a wide array of options. You can select your favorite Linux OS distribution, you can also select from a wide variety of control panel options. You can choose to have one IP address, or 10 IP addresses or more. The possibilities are endless.
At AlphaNine we have years of research and developments in place in order to offer these quality services at great prices. Our infrastructure is specially developed to meet the requirements of our clients, while offering the services at a low cost.
Our support team is always available to make things right. They can be contacted through a variety of methods, such as live chat, our ticketing system, or IRC. You can logon to our IRC server at any time at port 7777.

Over 18 Years of history


Start-up Corporation

AlphaNine started in the year 2000 as primarily a network engineering & consulting company. But, we offered hosting services in addition to our consulting services. Soon after we started to expand into the datacom arena.

Acquired connectivity

We acquired our first T1 circuit from UUNET. We expanded further into the datacom market in 2002, offering hosting, remote data backup, and e-mail server services.

Server Count Increases

We were only operating with 2-3 servers at a time up until this point, which then we acquired more servers in multiple locations across the US. Our client count increased as well.

Further Expansion

We acquired more servers, and data circuits with 10Megabit, and 100Megabit connectivity.

Further Expansion

We acquired more servers, and data circuits with 10 Megabit, and 100 Megabit connectivity. At this point in time we are now evolving into primarily a datacom service provider. Our primary service is cPanel hosting, and cPanel reseller services.

First Gigabit Data Circut Acquired

We have grown into primarily into a datacom service provider with hundreds of clients. We now offer unmanaged, and managed virtual private server services.

VoIP Division Now Operating

We launched a VoIP service provider division of AlphaNine. We now provide VoIP related services.

The Future and Beyond

We will continue to expand into various datacom niches. Our server count, and data circuit count will continue to increase.

choose your package

Unmanaged Pricing plan

VPS 768

  • 768MB RAM
  • Abstract RAM: 256MB
  • 50GB HDD - 2 CPU cores
  • 500GB monthly Transfer
2 .40 $ Price per month
most popular

VPS 1024

  • 1,024MB RAM
  • Abstract RAM: 256MB
  • 80GB HDD - 2 CPU cores
  • 1,000GB monthly Transfer
3 .99 $ Price per month

VPS 1792

  • 1,792MB RAM
  • Abstract RAM: 768MB
  • 150GB HDD - 2 CPU cores
  • 1,000GB monthly Transfer
5 .59 $ Price per month

VPS 2048

  • 2,048MB RAM
  • Abstract RAM: 512MB
  • 150GB HDD - 2 CPU cores
  • 1,000GB monthly Transfer
6 .19 $ Price per month

choose your package

Semi-Managed Pricing plan

VPS M 768

  • 768MB RAM
  • RAM burstable to 1,024MB
  • 80GB HDD - 2 CPU cores
  • 1,000GB monthly Transfer
19 .99 $ Price per month
most popular

VPS M 1024

  • 1,024MB RAM
  • RAM burstable to 1,792MB
  • 150GB HDD - 2 CPU cores
  • 2,000GB monthly Transfer
20 .99 $ Price per month

VPS M 1536

  • 1,536MB RAM
  • RAM burstable to 2,304MB
  • 150GB HDD - 3 CPU cores
  • 2,500GB monthly Transfer
23 .99 $ Price per month

VPS M 2048

  • 2,048MB RAM
  • RAM burstable to 3,072MB
  • 200GB HDD - 4 CPU cores
  • 3,000GB monthly Transfer
25 .99 $ Price per month

our service offerings

Choose the service you require

Shared Hosting

AlphaNine provides shared cPanel hosting. We have many packages, and addons to choose from.

Virtual Private Server

Our virtual private server nodes are comprised of quality enterprise class hardware.

Reseller Hosting

The cPanel reseller service plans that we offer are robust, feature packed, and the servers are never overloaded.

Server Colocation

We have server colocation services available in key locations throughout the US. 1U to 2U to half racks.

Dedicated Servers

AlphaNine has some of the best pricing on dedicated servers in the industry. Also, ask about our lease to own options.

Rack Lease

We have many rack lease options available. From 1/4 rack space to 1/2 rack space with many bandwith options.


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